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When you are charged with a crime, your defense lawyer is often the only friend you have in the system. As such, choosing your friends wisely will never be more important than it is right now.

At the Law Office of Gary W. Owens, I understand the difficult task of finding an attorney who not only will represent you in a criminal trial, but who will also advise you in a respectful manner. I provide honest, non-judgmental legal counsel to persons charged with committing criminal offenses in the Wichita area and the surrounding region of South-Central Kansas.

For each client and every case I take on, I serve two roles:


When we first meet to discuss your probation violation, domestic violence charge, or other situation, I will sit with you and discuss your options, and honestly assess your situation. I will not make empty promises. Rather, I listen to your concerns in a non-judgmental atmosphere and help you to determine a plan of action. You will work directly with me, your attorney, for the duration of your case. I have years of experience in public defense and can use the knowledge and skill gained there to help defend you.


In my experience, the most effective criminal law attorneys are those who project a persona in court that reflects their own genuine personality. My persona in court is the same when you meet with me to discuss your case—I do not project a flamboyant, dramatic, “television courtroom drama” style. Instead, I represent my clients by conveying the calm confidence that only comes with preparation and years of experience. I know criminal law. I also know how to represent you in a way that works to your advantage.

Let my experiences as a Sedgwick County DUI attorney and Kansas criminal defense lawyer work for you. Contact the Law Office of Gary W. Owens today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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