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[02/04] Md. Scout Held Without Bail in Killings
[02/04] Ex-Cop Goes on Trial in Murder Case
[02/04] Feds Nab Woman Accused of ID Thefts
[02/04] New Judge in Atlanta Courthouse Case
[02/04] Police Hunt for Ill. Store Gunman


White Collar Crime

[02/01] Feds: NY Detective Plotted With Dealers
[01/30] Swedish Bank Stops Digital Theft
[01/28] Timeline of Societe Generale Fraud
[01/28] Prosecutor Seeks Charges Against Trader
[01/25] Societe Generale Apologizes Over Fraud


Top Headlines

[02/04] Google Faces Tough Fight With Microsoft
[02/04] Feds Nab Woman Accused of ID Thefts
[02/04] Anti-Homosexual Remarks Not 'Based on Sex,' Texas Judge Says
[02/04] $10M Whistle-Blower Suit Short on Particulars, Judge Says
[02/04] Judge: Falcons Can't Recoup Vick Bonuses


Case Summaries

Criminal Law & Procedure

Defendant's conviction for being unlawfully present in the United States is affirmed, however, his sentence is vacated and remanded to allow the government to supplement the record with missing information regarding a previous indictment concerning a crime of violence.

[08/05] US v. DAVIS
The district court's denial of defendants death sentences, on grounds that their indictment did not contain elements required by the Federal Death Penalty Act, is reversed where the exclusion occurred when the indictment was returned, and, subsequently, the error was harmless since it did not attach at sentencing.


Habeas Corpus

[02/01] Wallace v. Quarterman
Denial of habeas relief in a capital murder case is affirmed over a claim that, had Texas parole rules not changed between sentencing and when petitioner became eligible for parole, he would have received parole and that the rule change violated the Ex Post Facto Clause of the Constitution.

[02/01] Price v. Thurmer
Denial of habeas relief from a conviction and sentence for attempted murder and other crimes is affirmed in part, but reversed in part and remanded for a hearing on whether petitioner's defense was prejudiced by mistakes committed by his lawyer with regard to insanity issues.


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