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If you have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, Kansas criminal law, the justice system, and the odds of avoiding a conviction or seeing these charges reduced are stacked against you. Change your odds for the better and contact an experienced Kansas DUI lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest.

At the Law Office of Gary W. Owens, I have more than a decade of experience—as a public defender and as a sole practitioner—defending clients from throughout Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler, Cowley, Sumner, and Kingman counties against drunk driving charges and challenging these cases on grounds such as:

  • Lack of probable cause
  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Improper arrest procedures
  • Improper blood-alcohol testing procedures
  • Defective testing equipment

Whether this is your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd offense, Kansas DUI laws and penalties are tough and refusing to submit to a breath test results in an automatic one year driver license suspension. In addition, Kansas used to consider only those DUI convictions occurring in the previous five years for sentencing purposes. However, it now allows prosecutors to consider DUI convictions that occurred any time during your lifetime.

This means that even if your first two DUI convictions occurred more than twenty years ago, you are eligible for felony DWI charges in your current case.

I provide honest, non-judgmental legal counsel and will make no empty promises. But as your attorney, you can feel confident knowing that I will be thoroughly prepared to defend your rights vigorously at every stage of the process and to challenge the evidence against you wherever possible.

Contact me today for a free initial consultation and evaluation of your case with a skilled Wichita DUI attorney.

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Criminal Law Overview

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