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Kansas laws concerning assault and battery are broader than many people think. Because of this, people who have been charged in a domestic abuse case often fail to recognize the seriousness of the charges against them and underestimate their own need for an experienced criminal defense attorney. Their results are predictable.

The facts you should know about domestic violence charges include:

  • Domestic violence may involve the abuse of spouses, children, domestic partners, relatives, and others, and can occur in a variety of situations.
  • If convicted, you may lose your rights to vote, to own firearms, to operate certain types of businesses, and more.
  • Each subsequent conviction increases the penalties you will face. A third conviction for domestic violence is a felony in the State of Kansas.

At the Law Office of Gary W. Owens, I defend individuals against allegations of domestic violence in courtrooms throughout Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler, Cowley, Sumner, and Kingman counties. If you have been charged in a domestic violence case, make no mistake—these charges are serious in nature and a conviction can have a tremendous impact on your life for years to come.

As an attorney, I do not judge my clients. My job is to be a zealous advocate on your behalf and to serve your best interests at all times. As such, whether you have been charged with violating a protection order, accused of stalking or telephone harassment, or are facing felony penalties, I can provide you with a clear explanation of your rights, the legal options available for defending you, and a good idea as to what to expect in the legal process.

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