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If your minor child has been arrested or charged with juvenile delinquency of any type—vandalism, theft, or otherwise—hire an attorney who knows and understands juvenile law and who has experience in dealing with the juvenile court system to represent your child.

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As a public defender and as a sole practitioner, I have been providing skilled legal representation in juvenile court matters to minors in the South-Central Kansas region for more than a decade. I have an excellent working knowledge of the juvenile court system in our area and can defend your child against all kinds of criminal charges, including:

No matter what the charges against your son or daughter are, I understand your concern for their welfare. In choosing to have me represent them, you can rest assured that I will do whatever I legally can to see that their rights are protected and that their best interests are looked out for.

However, it is important for you to know that outcomes in juvenile court cases are far less certain than those in adult criminal law cases. I say this on the basis of my experience and because there are attorneys who will make empty promises to you about what they can do. Any such promises involve playing fast and loose with the truth.

I do not disrespect nor waste my clients' time in this way.

What I will do is provide you with clear explanations of the charges against your child, their rights, and the juvenile court process that lies ahead.

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